— Our Guarantee & Refund Policy

The Blissbranding Agency Guarantee & Refund Policy is our standard of quality across the company.

Use this page to understand what to expect when working with Blissbranding Agency. We cover standards across our services as well as across how we interact with our customers.

At the end of the day, we do not

❌ Guarantee virality

❌ Guarantee specific results or targets

❌ Provide refunds if we delivered services to our specifications below

With such an open and fair refund policy, we ask that customers are also fair and honest with their requests. If you run into an issue with one of your orders, please be sure to reach out so we can try and make it right. Charging back a transaction will have your account blacklisted, not to mention harshly tut-tutted internally.

Refund Exception

For all of our Managed Services, if for any reason you are not happy with our services (and we will work very hard not to reach this point!) and would like to cease working with us before the completion of a project you have already paid in full for, we will refund 15% of the invoice specifically for services we have not yet begun working on. This is a firm and generous percentage that is not subject to change under any extenuating circumstances.

Upon agreeing to your receiving this refund, we will cease delivery on all services that have not already been fully executed, including posts, links, answers, and/or content that have already been written and/or approved but not yet shared with the platform of that project. We reserve the right to withhold this refund based on the stage project delivery and completion we are in.