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The Blissbranding Agency team is transparent, strategic, hard-hitting, and results-driven, with a major soft spot – we truly care about our clients.

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Blissbranding Agency digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency and digital marketing agency for businesses that accepts Cryptocurrency Paid media Management
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Meet Samantha, Our Founder

Words I live by —

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

You only live once. Use this life to make choices that will make you smile, and bring value to the world we live in. Help as many people as you can, and learn something new every single day.

Samantha is a passionate entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of experience in the digital marketing and branding industry, Samantha and the Blissbranding Agency team have helped companies digitally brand themselves, optimize their advertising campaign performance, and get more leads and sales from the web.

After graduating from Boston College, Samantha started her career in event marketing, advertising, and sports sales at Smart Circle International. She spent time in the sports marketing industry and later went on to become the East Coast regional manager of an advertising and marketing satellite office. Shortly thereafter, Sam solved many marketing problems for her father’s accounting clients, and the concept was born that became the Blissbranding Agency.

A recognized expert on topics ranging from inbound marketing, PPC, SEO, social media, analytics, small business growth and management, Samantha enjoys learning about the blockchain world, the ever-changing digital landscape, and is also a dynamic, high-energy, and entertaining speaker. Samantha participates in industry events with the local Chamber of Commerce, and holds webinars for small businesses to learn about marketing their company in today’s technology era…and have a blissful time while doing it!

Samantha believes you should always give back to your community! The Blissbranding Agency is proud to support the Lehigh County Humane Society, an awesome non-profit animal shelter, by creating and building the “Wine Is Bliss” clothing brand.

— Our core values

Blissbranding Agency digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency and digital marketing agency for small businesses


We are hungry learners that constantly seek opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. We know that life is a continuous improvement process that never ends.

Blissbranding Agency digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency and digital marketing agency for small businesses


We live with strong moral principles and do the right things in an honest way.

Blissbranding Agency digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency and digital marketing agency for small businesses


Whether it is listening to the latest digital marketing podcast, or taking a course, we do not settle for remaining in the status quo.

— Our mission

Help businesses that are ready to grow increase their brand presence and revenue online (and enjoy the journey while we do it).

The Blissbranding Agency marketing team helps businesses (large and small) understand where their dollars (or cryptocurrency) is best spent. It might be a social media marketing campaign, blogging opportunities, or pay-per-click advertising. We are here to offer our professional knowledge and experience.

— Our team is your team

Meet Eyal

Google AdWords Lead Specialist

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For years I have run Google AdWords campaigns and I have found this is my optimal area of expertise. I enjoy digging into the data, optimizing audiences, and delivering results for every client, every time. I look forward to showing you results on your campaign!

Blissbranding Agency Digital Specialist

Meet Rebecca

Content & Digital Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

My friends and family say that my “Type A” personality makes them laugh. Being certified in sign language is one of my unique skill sets, but I am truly passionate about design and digital strategies. Finding the right mix of social, email, and ad strategies gets me up in the morning!

Blissbranding Agency Web SEO & Social Specialist

Meet Mariah

Web SEO & Social Specialist

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My passion is helping clients’ websites rank for the keywords that are actually relevant within their industry and the NOW! I love social media algorithms, and understanding the human psychology behind building brands, and connecting with people online. I cannot wait to work with you!

Meet Jan

Lead SEO Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

In my spare time I love to snowboard, but MOST of the time, I am strategizing for clients on how to rank for certain key word terms, and how to optimize website pages to reach company goals. I love it, and I find passion in helping small businesses succeed. I hope we can work together, I look forward to it.

Chris L Blissbranding Agency Blockchain Marketing Specialist

Meet Thial

Blockchain Marketing Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

I am happy to provide consultation, technical support, and advisory service about your project after being listed on the exchange. I have experience with service on the blockchain worldwide! In my spare time I like to cook and bake keto-style. I hope to change the world together with you!

Blissbranding Agency Web Development & SEO Specialist

Meet Umesh

Web Development & SEO Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

Since I was a teenager, I have loved to “code”. Learning this language has and will always be a delight. Website development is a wonderful marriage of visual and structure…and when they make the perfect union…that is a win. Then comes SEO; the game that will have forever changing rules. Just my style.

Meet Missy

Digital Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

I love to learn. There is not an industry that I will not study, and the hunger to always “get better” will never go away. After finding joy doing graphic design, I found a passion working with clients, numbers, and design. I enjoy the changing digital marketing environment, and love my work.

Brand & Graphics Specialist

Meet Sean

Brand & Graphics Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial
I have always seen the world in color, not black and white. I love designing for businesses of all sizes, and I find happiness when a design speaks and no words are needed. Billboards, magazine, flyers, business cards, clothing, I will challenge my limits every time. 

Meet Clanc

Web Development Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial
Graphics, motion, and how things work are the way my brain operates. I love to see things come together in a cohesive unit that works in today’s digital world. My family says that I love to see smiles on the faces of others, and I have never been one to shy away from a challenge! 

Meet Rafal

Pay-Per-Click Ad Specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

This is what I love. With over 15 years of experience in digital advertising, I now take a holistic approach to marketing for our clients. I enjoy integrating every aspect of modern brand-building, from PPC and SEO to content marketing and paid social ads. I enjoy being around positivity and helping businesses grow!

Blissbranding Agency PPC Specialist

Meet Johnny

ppc specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

Advertising in the right medium is critical to every brand. Each goal is different, and I find the joy in seeking out the best ROI for our clients. Whether it is Google, Facebook, or Pinterest (and beyond…), there are multiple opportunities to gain revenue and engagement. I am a numbers man, who likes great creative.

Meet Vee

Cannibus Marketing specialist

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial
Vee is a Google Analytics & Google Ads certified search marketing professional with over 16 years of SEO and digital marketing experience with B2B & B2C companies nationally, and years of marketing cannabis & CBD products. Vee will be personally involved in every aspect of your cannabis marketing strategy.
Blissbranding Agency digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency and digital marketing agency for small businesses


Our next marketing professional

Blissbranding Agency Testimonial
Our Agency is always looking for bright minds that love to learn, are optimistic about life, and enjoy a culture that encourages continuous learning. We are looking for skillsets with at least 5 years of experience in the marketing field.

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Blissbranding Agency digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency and digital marketing agency for small businesses
Blissbranding Agency Testimonial
Blissbranding Agency Testimonial

If you are looking for a company you can trust, and will truly help your company, choose Blissbranding Agency!

Blissbranding Agency came into my life right after I opened my Olive Oil store in Coronado, CA in 2010. I started off with a basic package. I had no extra money to advertise on Facebook, and I was just starting out. Samantha has gotten our Facebook noticed by our community, and our customers. Her team answers every message on Facebook that comes in for me as if she is a Coronado Taste of Oils employee, messages customers, and I have had so many sales come in just from utilizing her services at the beginning for social media!

Her team texts me questions when they needs answer to Facebook messages, and emails larger drafts of blogs, and newsletters to me. Moving to a larger marketing package has been such a great decision! Blissbranding has been doing my marketing services for so long, that I completely trust them to make posts, and send out updates just as if they were standing next to me in the store!

Roberta Korte, Founder, Coronado Taste of Oils

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