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10 Branding Trends That Will Increase Exposure in Your Business in 2021

Did you know that presenting a brand on all platforms consistently can increase revenue by 23%?

Social media has become a huge part of branding trends, but there is more to it than posting pictures and getting likes. Technology has advanced so brands have to keep up to stay relevant.

Read on to learn about ten branding trends that can increase exposure in 2021.

1. Considering Your Environmental Footprint

One of the biggest branding trends taking over is how the environment is affected by your business. More people than ever are thinking about climate change and how they can do their part to end it. If your brand works to eliminate the problems of climate change, people will be more willing to try your product or service.

In your digital marketing message, you should aim to explain how your business is socially conscious. This means considering changing how your products are made or even how you can fix your packaging to be more environmentally friendly.

2. Being Authentic

Authenticity has always been one of the most important branding trends. People tend to trust brands more when they are unfiltered.

Being authentic involves being as transparent as possible. This is especially important in digital marketing because people can look up the truth with a quick Google search.

If your product is made from ingredients, it is necessary to list out every ingredient to uphold authenticity. Paid advertising means nothing if there is no realness behind it. Consumers are smart enough to see right through the lies and fabrication, so it is better, to be honest.

Social media has become a huge way to expose brands. Using influencers to target an intended audience is increasing in popularity.

When considering an influencer, you need to consider their authenticity. Someone trustworthy complimenting your brand is a great way to build more trust. Being authentic in social media is more important than ever as many platforms can validate the truth.

3. Using Strategic Social Media

Strategic social media is an essential part of digital marketing because many brands are using the platforms. For many, using social media is still a work in progress because learning to be more strategic takes time.

Social media has become more than just images and short conversations. With continual updates, brands have to stay on top of the new technology. Brands can use social media strategically by understanding how all parts of a platform can work to their advantage.

4. Make a Catchy Hashtag

Business in 2021 goes nowhere without the use of social media. You should be taking advantage of every benefit these platforms have to offer, including hashtags. Making a catchy hashtag that people will remember is one of the best branding trends for digital marketing.

Hashtags can get you just as far as paid advertising in some cases. It can make every post easy to find and keep your brand in the mind of the consumers. Content easily gets spread around the internet, but a hashtag will connect all of that content for those who want to find it.

5. Tell a Story

Selling your brand is all about telling a story. If you haven’t invested time in learning how to become a better storyteller, research is necessary.

You can understand how to sell your brand through a story by checking out how your competitors do it. There are a lot of storytelling trends in the marketing world that you can pay attention to.

Looking at paid advertising can help you understand how you should tell your story to appeal to your audience. Consistently using content marketing can help your brand become better at this technique.

6. Taking Advantage of SEO

Content marketing can do more than help you tell a story. With a blog on your website, you can drive in more traffic by using search engine optimization, aka SEO.

SEO works to increase the quality of your traffic along with the quantity. It can provide more exposure to your brand through organic search results. Often, this type is search is the primary source of website traffic.

This technique allows your brand to find out what your consumers are searching up. When your content marketing is SEO rich, your business will benefit.

7. Maintain a Personality

Maintaining a personality is one of the necessary branding trends you need to try. Giving your brand a personality will catch the attention of your audience and keep them coming back. Social media is a great way to show off what your brand is all about, especially a platform like Twitter.

8. Don’t Post Too Much

Even though people are on their smartphones more than ever, they don’t want to be spammed with content. One of the important branding trends to consider is finding the optimal frequency to post on each platform as each of them will be different.

Take a look at your audience and decide how much they can take in from your brand.

9. Implement Video

You can now use video on almost every social media platform. Because of this, people want to see videos more than ever. Implementing videos to show off your brand is an important marketing strategy because it offers versatility.

10. Use Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to interact with users and keep up with branding trends. This may not be a newer piece of technology, but it is a vital one in the marketing world.

Customers can benefit from chatbots by having a guide with them at all times through the buying process. People want information fast, including getting their questions answered, chatbots are a great way to make that happen.

The Must-Try Branding Trends

These must-try branding trends are sure to bring more exposure to your product or service. Because technology has become so important to people’s lives, a lot of trends nowadays will focus on digital marketing. Keeping up with the times is a trend you will never want to miss out on.

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