Top 5 Reasons You Need a Digital Strategy for Marketing Your Business

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Digital Strategy for Marketing Your Business

Have a website for your small business? Use social media to advertise? Are they working for your business or against it?

Thousands of dollars are wasted on websites that generate no revenue or leads. The reason is simple: there’s no marketing plan.

Less than half of companies don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place. For B2B businesses, social media is now the most effective marketing channel. Yet there’s little thought given on how it’s managed.

What if a marketing plan can help reach more customers, develop your brand, and measure success? Here are 5 reasons why a digital strategy is essential for your business.

1. Promote Your Brand

Perhaps your website is now the main way you advertise your brand. If so, how effective is it?

The role of digital marketing is to present your business in the best light. Your website is the torchbearer for your brand so it must reflect who you are.

Is the copy fresh? Do all the links work or will your customers have a poor experience? Is it optimized for mobile devices?

A website should not be left to gather dust. It needs to work as an extension of your business and be given proper resources to develop.

Otherwise, your brand’s credibility will suffer.

2. Discover More Customers

A targeted approach using social media will gain your business followers. Followers will convert to customers in time if an effective marketing plan is carried out.

Facebook is still the market leader with 140+ million businesses using the platform. Yet managing daily posts and content creation can get exhausting.

Be smart. Outsource.

We offer social media management from as little as $5 per day. We can set up your profile and create professional graphics and copy. All campaigns are planned and match your brand.

3. Enhance Engagement Using Your Digital Strategy

Social media also encourages engagement from your existing customers.

Want to see if your new product is well received? Ask your audience. Should you introduce a new line? Let your customers decide.

Customer engagement develops a bond that helps strengthen your brand loyalty. Your customers also feel part of the decision process which only increases their satisfaction.

4. Improve Sales Conversions

A Google survey showed that 83% of US shoppers search online before visiting a store.

If your online presence doesn’t mirror your offline catalog you’ve wasted a golden opportunity. Make it easy for your customers. Offer a way to buy online and pick up from your store.

When your customer visits they may be tempted to buy something more.

5. Measure Your Success

The success of any plan is determined by its results. But how do you analyze your digital marketing strategies?

Pay Per Click (PPC) programs like Google AdWords let you target online ads to specific demographics. You can view exactly who clicked your ad, what page they visited, and what they purchased.

Digital Marketing Without the Hassle

A digital strategy is essential but who will create and manage it?

The Blissbranding Agency team helps small businesses like yours grow your bottom line. We create custom digital strategies for SMBs across America and want to work with you.

Download our free x3 point marketing plan to give you a flavor of what we offer. Our prices are up-front and we won’t waste your time.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We want to help your business flourish.