The Top Facebook Trends for Advertising in 2020

The Top Facebook Trends for Advertising in 2020

Looking to gear up your Facebook advertising this year? Well, we can help.

Keeping track of the current Facebook trends for advertising can be difficult. Let’s go through what’s trending for Facebook advertising this year.

Focus on Video

Video is the most profitable form of media you can use in your approach to Facebook. Video is prioritized over text, links and photos in Facebook’s algorithm, giving it an automatic advantage straight off the bat.

If you have the technology and the time, investing in video will give you a great edge on Facebook in 2020.

Try Out A Facebook Live Stream

Livestreaming on any social media has become very popular in recent months, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding a way to promote yourself using a live stream is a great way to differentiate yourself from the pack and entertain and engage your audience.

Messenger Ads and More

Facebook has offered new ways for you to advertise to your customers in recent months. You can even automatically send a popup via Facebook messenger when they land on your page. These avenues are a great strategy for expanding your advertising strategy on Facebook in 2020.

Get An Instant Experience

Facebook’s Instant Experience ads take over a Facebook user’s screen to fully engage their attention. Instant Experience ads are the latest big thing in Facebook advertising and are a great way for you to get on trend in 2020. It’s pretty easy to understand why — they’re much more difficult to scroll past! Plus, they can offer multiple different options in one bundle, for more versatility.

Get Creative With Your Engagement

Trying something different with your Facebook presence may seem like a risk, but it’s really the only way to stand out in this day and age. You really need to think outside the box to get attention from your audience.

For example, you can create a VR experience so that potential customers can try out your products from home.

Or, try moving your advertising to Facebook Stories, and post multiple different versions. On Facebook Stories, you can poll your audience, take votes, and gauge what appeals most to your customers.

Using different mediums on Facebook is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd and gain more attention.

Get on the Mobile Train

Mobile first marketing is the wave of the future, even for Facebook ads. Your advertising should definitely be optimized for mobile in this day and age, in order to engage the largest amount of people.

New companies such as Quibi have taken this wave to the next level, but you can start by simply formatting your content vertically instead of horizontally. Even the smallest steps to a mobile-first direction can get you on trend for Facebook in 2020.

Facebook Trends in 2020 Aren’t As Difficult As You Might Think

Advertising through Facebook can be complicated in 2020. By paying attention to Facebook trends, you can get ahead of the crowd and put your business in the driver’s seat.

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