5 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

5 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

The average person receives over 400 commercial emails a month. Most of those emails will be deleted or sent to the junk folder.

Are you doing enough email marketing planning to ensure your audience is reading them?

Take a look at the five best practices for this year.

1. Mobile-Friendly

Are your emails mobile-optimized? Texts, social media, and emails are the reason people check their phones multiple times a day.

All of your content including images and texts should convert to a mobile platform. You want to increase engagement and clicks.

Text or media that don’t fit or take forever to download will frustrate your audience.

2. Avoid Spam

Emails should build a relationship and promote two-way communication. If you find yourself blasting emails every day, all your future messages will be sent to a spam folder.

People are receiving your newsletters and promotions because they are genuinely interested. Don’t give them a reason to stop.

Create different email lists for different levels of interest. If someone has actually ordered something, they’re probably going to be okay with consistent emails more than someone who just subscribed.

You want your audience to look forward to email marketing.

3. Understand Your Audience

The biggest reason you have email subscribers is that people explicitly searched your website, social media, or other platforms.

You can understand your audience better by engaging with them on your social media accounts. Figure out what brought them to there and what they want.

This information is invaluable and can help you craft your emails to them. Sometimes the feedback you get isn’t always positive.

If you can absorb the negative and adjust your marketing plan, your emails will reach people on a better level.

4. Solid Email Marketing Planning Includes Strong CTA

If you’re doing thorough email marketing planning, then you’re including a strong call-to-action (CTA). Getting the attention of your audience isn’t enough.

What are you wanting the subscribers to do?

Your CTA should be pushing the readers to want to purchase a product, enroll in a service, or understand a message.

If you are selling something, offer special incentives for your email list. Don’t ask for a lot from your new visitors or dedicated subscribers.

5. Build Your Community

Are your emails building a culture or community? Some businesses are instantly recognized by the emails and their messages.

People today want to relate and see the personal side of a business.

Try sharing intimate details of your life or the profile of some of the hard-working employees you have. Subscribers knowing your culture will leave an impact and endear you to them.

Overdoing the personal side may turn off potential customers. Use moderation and build your inclusive community with one email every month.

Blast Off

The success of your business might depend on how well you develop your email marketing planning.

These tips can help you reach your audience on deeper and stronger levels.

If you’re ready to take your email marketing seriously, contact us and we can ensure professionalism and creativity.