How Hiring a Digital Marketing Company Will Increase Your Leads

How Hiring a Digital Marketing Company Will Increase Your Leads

When it comes to competing on the web, digital marketing should be front and center on any website owners’ mind.

But while anyone can study digital marketing online, what you can do on your own is a far cry from what a professional can do.

If you want to see a big increase in traffic, an improved ranking on search engines, and a boost in solid leads, you need help from someone who knows the right strategies and has the skills and tools to implement them on your site.

If you’re ready to see how hiring a digital marketing company can help your site start seeing an increase in traffic and leads, keep reading. We’re breaking down the benefits you’ll enjoy and the effect they’ll have on your site’s performance.

Narrowed Efforts

If you don’t have advanced digital marketing experience, trying to create a marketing strategy can feel like you’re working in the dark.

As a result, many business or website owners end up taking a blanket approach. They throw time, effort, and money into as many digital marketing tasks as possible.

They buy advertisements on search engines. They create social media platforms and try to post as often as possible. They may also buy social media ads in addition to those organic efforts.

On their websites, they may try to target a wealth of loosely related keywords. Or they oversaturate their content with just a few phrases. In their efforts to create as much content as possible, they may neglect quality in favor of quantity.

In other words, their efforts are sporadic and lacking focus. Each strategy might be necessary, but without being implemented correctly, they aren’t going to do anything to increase traffic or leads.

Bringing a digital marketing company onboard can help put an end to that.

A professional digital marketing company will take a close look at your business, target audiences, and current marketing strategy. With their knowledge of the industry, they’ll help determine which strategies are working and which can be eliminated.

Then, they’ll hone your current approach to optimize it, with the goal of increasing leads.

Effective, Up-to-Date SEO Strategies

SEO strategies target Google’s algorithms. These are the processes used by the search engine to determine where a website should fall in the ranking for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.

Every year, Google rolls out between 500 and 600 changes to those algorithms. While many of these are very minor, a few cause waves in the world of SEO and call for drastic changes to how a website approaches it’s SEO strategies.

Google isn’t the only search engine to do this either, nor is it the only place that you should be worrying about changes.

Other search engines, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, are also constantly making changes to their sites. This can affect where you rank, how your followers view your content, and more.

When you’re trying to run a website or business, keeping up with these changes can be a challenge. If you don’t have extensive web marketing experience, you may have to learn or relearn SEO in order to adjust to these changes. You’ll sometimes have to make extensive changes to your web design as well.

But a digital marketing company will be ready for the changes.

They’ll be prepared to update your web design and implement new SEO strategies so that you’ll continue to receive traffic.

This also means that you won’t have to worry about an interruption to growth. The strategies that your digital marketer has already put in place to boost leads to your site will continue to perform in the meantime.

A More Controlled Budget

One side effect of having a sporadic marketing plan that covers too many strategies that really aren’t working.

You may be throwing money in content, social media, and other sources that aren’t even leading to an increase in traffic.

A digital marketing company will help you create a marketing plan that fits within your budget. Investing in fewer strategies in order to focus on those that will lead to the highest increase in traffic will often save you money compared to a poorly executed marketing plan.

The digital marketer you’re working with might suggest keeping your current strategies. But you’ll be getting a greater return for your money than you were before.

Fresh, Updated Content

If you’ve been trying to squeeze content creation in among your many other tasks as website or business owner, after a while it will begin to fall flat.

You’ll likely begin using the same words and phrases, and perhaps even the same topics, in your content.

Some website owners even fall into the trap of reposting content that’s already been posted on their site. Or worse, content that has been posted on someone’s else’s site.

At worst, this can lead to serious legal trouble for plagiarism. But even if it doesn’t, duplicate content is something that Google and other search engines’ algorithms look for. As a result, it can cause your ranking to drop.

When your website subscribers realize that the content is repeating, they’ll stop coming back to see what is new.

Bringing on a digital marketing company means fresh, updated content on a regular basis.

Depending on the type of package you decide to buy or the plan that you create with your digital marketing expert, you might get a few new pieces of content a month, several a week, or even a new piece or two daily.

But your digital marketing expert will know better. They will realize that even when you’re producing tons of content to roll out one piece after the next, it still needs to be unique.

Access to Performance Tools

One of the reasons that a digital marketing company will be able to help your website increase traffic and generate leads is because of their ability to track performance.

Each time they roll out a new social media marketing campaign, try ranking for new keywords, or run a paid ad for your site, they’ll use performance tools.

These tools will help them track the impact of each marketing tactic. They’ll use the information to make minor adjustments and to plan their next step in increasing traffic.

You could use performance tools on your own. But unless you invest in advanced tools, the free ones you use aren’t likely to tell you more than what kind of traffic you got on any given day.

If you only launch a single marketing tactic each day, this information can be useful. If you roll out multiple at once, you may not have any way of figuring out what caused a surge or drop in traffic.

Professional-Looking Ads and Images

Your content isn’t the only thing that will get a boost when you bring a digital marketing company onboard to help.

You’ll also get professional graphic design skills. From images for social media to graphics, advertisements, and more, this can be a huge boost for your site and social media pages.

Posts on social media that contain an image produce 650 percent more engagement than those that contain text only. The same goes for content on a website.

Images and video content have also been proven to help people retain information more than they do when they simply read a piece of content.

Improve Web Design

The right digital marketing company will offer more than just marketing services like content creation or social media marketing campaigns.

Your site’s web design also has a direct effect on your traffic as well. Finding a digital marketing company that offers web design services can help you improve performance to boost lead generation.

The average web surfer stays on a website for just 10 to 20 seconds. But if you can manage to capture their attention in those first 10 seconds, you can keep them there much longer.

Effective website and catchy content are the best ways to do this.

You could outsource your web design to a different company or try to tackle it on your own.

But by choosing a marketing company that offers web design, you’ll get a website that is already prepared for the other marketing tactics that they will implement later to start growing your traffic or improving your search engine ranking.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Company for the Job

A digital marketing company can help improve your web design, implement effective marketing strategies, and track performance to start improving your site’s ranking to increase traffic and start generating more leads.

But if you want to enjoy these benefits, you need to start by choosing the right company for the job.

You need a marketing company with the right skills and tools, as well as the range of services that your website and company needs.

If you’re ready to see the difference that a skilled marketing company can make for your site, contact us today to learn how we can help.